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AstroVedicLuck offers the following services:

Horoscope Analysis



Match Making

Horoscope analysis:

A horoscope is cast on the basis of your Time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. Using various principles of Vedic Astrology, analysis is done and predictions are made.


On the basis of your date of birth, analysis is done and predictions are made. Numerology goes hand in hand with Astrology and is very useful in solving some of the critical problems.


On the basis of your horoscope and planetary positions, gemstones are recommended if necessary. You can purchase the Gemstones prescribed to you, from our Office.

Match Making:

Match making of the horoscopes is done for the purpose of marriage. Vedic astrology has an excellent and proven technique of horoscope matching based on the lunar constellations (nakshatra), called Ashtkoot milaan.